Pre-endorsement application for Churchill, Marshall, Mitchell, and Rhodes Scholarships


If you are interested in applying for a nationally competitive award that also requires endorsement, please meet with FAO staff as soon as possible and before you actually begin working on your application.

In order to submit an endorsement application, you must submit your materials by the campus application deadline posted with our online submission form (contact us for the link).  Please be sure to look at the online submission form before you are ready to submit to make sure everything is formatted correctly.

Your recommenders will also need to submit their letters of recommendation with a different online submission form (contact us for the link).  If there are specific guidelines for letters for an award, we will post that information on the award’s web page.

If you or your recommenders cannot access the appropriate form, please click here to contact FAO staff for assistance.

Click here to see upcoming deadlines for highlighted endorsed and non-endorsed awards.