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The hackNY Fellows Program pairs students from quantitative and computational backgrounds with startup organizations in New York City’s flourishing startup environment for summer internships.

Who Should Apply:

Local startups are carefully selected for the program on the basis of their commitment to provide fellows with access to a specific mentor within their organization, a specific work space, and a specific technical problem to tackle during the program.  Fellows are drawn from “the most talented and creative student hackers from across the U.S. and Canada.”

hackNY looks for the following four credentials in their applicants:

1. Strong coding and/or design ability. Chunks of code you write and/or things you’ve designed will be reviewed by people who are very good at what they do. If they think you’re good too, that’s a big plus.

2. Interest in the startup world. The majority of your summer will be spent working for an early stage startup. If that’s not something that you’re really excited about, hackNY probably isn’t for you. When we’re reviewing applications, we look for things that you’ve done in the past that convey this excitement. If you’ve founded your own company or worked at a startup already, talk about what you learned and why you want to do it again. If you haven’t, tell us about something you did something that felt like a startup and why you want to experience the real deal.

3. Good essays. An unbelievable number of applicants write unedited, seemingly thoughtless essays. If you write well-written, thoughtful, essays, you’ll get ++ by a bunch of the application readers (myself included). It shows that: (a) you can write, which is a great skill; (b) you care enough to put the time and energy into making your application great. Don’t bore us with 1000 word essays, but make sure that you put serious time and thought into them.

4. Online presence. I almost put this one in the next category, but decided to put it here for one reason: if we Google your name and nothing comes up, that’s almost always a negative for you. Make sure that we can find information about you with a simple search. For me, it’s one of the first things that I do. If you write a blog or have other cool stuff come up, that’s a big plus. If we see your Github profile and other accounts, that’s good. If there’s nothing, even when we Google “your name + your school” that’s not good. Obviously, if you have a super popular name then don’t worry about it.

Fellowship Benefits:

Fellows receive a stipend for the summer, free housing together, and a lecture series designed to introduce them to the ins and outs of joining and founding a startup.

Number & Amount Available:

See website for details.

Citizenship Requirements:
non-USA w/greencard
STEM Fields Only:

Student Information

Required GPA:
Academic Level:


Initial Deadline:
December 1st/January 15th/March 1st
NC State Campus Deadline:


National Deadline:
December 1st/January 15th/March 1st
National Deadline Info:
Applications are on a rolling basis.