James Madison Memorial Foundation Graduate Fellowships

Fellowship Information


Through a national competition, the James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation offers James Madison Fellowships to a select group of individuals desiring to become outstanding teachers of the American Constitution.

Who Should Apply:

US citizen or US national. Be a teacher or plan to become a teacher of American history, American government, or social studies at the secondary school level (grades 7-12). College senior or recent graduate (Junior Fellow) or current teacher (Senior Fellow). Applicants must show a commitment to teaching, campus and community efforts that demonstrate democratic values and engaged citizenship and strong writing skills.

Fellowship Benefits:

The Foundation offers two types of fellowships:

  • Junior Fellowships are awarded to outstanding college seniors and college graduates without teaching experience who intend to become secondary school teachers of American history, American government, or social studies in grades 7-12. Junior Fellows are expected to complete graduate study within 2 academic years of full-time study.
  • Senior Fellowships are awarded to outstanding current teachers who are required to complete graduate study within 5 calendar years of part-time study.
Program Duration:

Two years graduate study for Junior Fellows. Senior Fellows can apply the award over five years and may choose to pursue graduate study through evening and summer classes while teaching.

Number & Amount Available:

At least 53: one per state, plus one each for DC, Puerto Rico, and other US territories collectively. Up to $24,000 over the period of graduate study. No more than $12,000 per year. Fellows must teach one year for each full year of funding.

Citizenship Requirements:
STEM Fields Only:

Student Information

Required GPA:
Academic Level:


Initial Deadline:
March 1st
NC State Campus Deadline:


National Deadline:
March 1st
National Deadline Info:
If transcripts are mailed instead, they are due March 4th, 2016