Letter of Recommendation Guidance

Thank you for your interest in writing a letter of recommendation (LOR) for an NC State student or alum who is pursuing a nationally competitive award. We in the Fellowship Advising Office (FAO) are grateful that you are considering if you have the time and information needed to write a strong and compelling letter of recommendation for your applicant, especially since a lukewarm or generic letter can be quite damaging to an applicant’s chances.

Please click here for a PDF of our guidelines for LOR writers. This document is meant to provide guidance to faculty, staff, and other supporters on crafting an appropriate letter. As you may know, the letters for these prestigious awards are often much more specific and detailed than those written for internships or graduate school programs.

If your student or alum is applying for one of the endorsed awards listed here, you will need to submit your LOR by the posted campus deadline with FAO’s online submission form (your applicants should give you the link). If there are specific guidelines for letters for an award, we will post that information on the award’s web page.

We are more than happy to help you troubleshoot any technical difficulties or answer any questions you may have about an award program, as well as provide any input regarding any aspect of your letter. Please click here to contact FAO staff for assistance.