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About Us

The University Fellowships Office (UFO) (formerly known as Fellowship Advising Office (FAO) helps NC State’s undergraduate students, graduate students, and alums learn of and apply for nationally competitive and prestigious awards. These awards fund a wide range of opportunities, and many are connected to undergraduate and graduate degree programs or internships, overseas opportunities, and independent projects.

Some of our services include:

  • meeting with candidates to discuss their goals and interests and to help identify matching opportunities
  • reviewing and critiquing drafts of application essays and statements
  • providing institutional endorsements for applicants who receive the campus nomination (for the awards that require nominations/endorsements)
  • submitting application materials at the national level on behalf of applicants
  • staging practice interviews for applicants selected at the national level for finalist interviews

Feel free to browse our student resources for awards that fit your goals and interests.

Meet our Staff